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 Monday, 5 December 2016  

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Welcome to the Stock Feed Manufacturers' Council of Australia

The Stock Feed Manufacturers' Council of Australia (SFMCA) represents feed milling companies throughout Australia. SFMCA members manufacture over 5,500,000 tonnes of feed annually; this is principally feed which is supplied to commercial poultry, pig, beef, dairy, sheep, horse, aquaculture and household livestock producers.

SFMCA members operate 122 feed milling sites located in all States of Australia. The number of mills and volume of feed manufactured represents over 90% of all commercial feed sold within Australia.

The SFMCA is a member of the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF).

What's new!

Document (10 Mar 2016)
SFMCA 2015 Energy Survey
This is the fourth year the SFMCA has completed a survey of members energy use. Data is provided on electricity and gas use and cost within the Australian stockfeed manufacturing industry.

Document (10 Mar 2016)
Coal Mining Proposals for the Liverpool Plain NSW
The SFMCA supports the stance of a number of NSW farmers located on the Liverpool Plains of NSW that object to coal mine development that directly affects agricultural farm land. The Liverpool Plains is a critical supply source of grain for the NSW stockfeed industry. The SFMCA believes that mining development, that results in a loss of grain production land, should not be approved. The SFMCA has been lobbying federal and state politicians as well as the banking sector that would provide funding for the developments. In addition to loss of farming land, the SFMCA questions the impact of mining in this region on the underground water aquifers.

News Article (26 Nov 2015)
SFMCA Restructure Finalised
Members in all five States have voted to proceed with the restructure. This will greatly reduce administration work as the organisation will operate under a national administration while retaining State SFMCA Branch meetings.

Document (20 Aug 2015)
SFMA Vic submission Victorian Lupin Anthracnose Import Risk Assessment Members Section
Submission from SFMA Vic in response to a review of the risk of anthracnose in lupins when imported from either SA or WA. The submission identifies limitations in the risk assessment relating to lupin processing and heat treatment of feeds.

News Article (14 Aug 2015)
AMC 2016 Sponsors & Exhibitors bookings open
Go the the dedicated PIXAMC website www.pixamc.com.au to register as a sponsor or exhibitor for our 2016 conference being held 29-31 May 2016.

Document (14 Aug 2015)
Climate Risk Presentation Members Section
Presentation by David McRae, University of Southern Queensland to the SFMA Queensland members meeting August 2015.

Document (23 Jul 2015)
Silo Safety Alert - revised document released
This document provides information on safety around silos. Feed manufacturers, farmers and truck drivers should take note of the issues raised. The document has been revised to include directions on silo lids.

Document (6 Jul 2015)
Jodie Dean presentation to the Combined SFMA Vic & GIAV Meeting 25 June 2015 Members Section
Presentation about Grain Trade Australia (GTA)

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Steve Spencer - Freshagenda presentation Dairy Forum Members Section
Dairy: Grow or be Left Behind, presentation made by Steve Spencer at SFMA Vic Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015.

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Peter Jones - ACM presentation Dairy Forum Members Section
Milk Processor View of Industry Growth & Demand for Milk - Presentation by Peter Jones to the SFMA Vic Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015.

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Richard Romano, Dairy Australia presentation to Dairy Forum Members Section
Presentation by Richard Romano from Dairy Australia on the industry and R&D challenges at the Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Neil Lane, Dairy Australia - Dairy Forum presentation Members Section
Dairybase presentation by Neil Lane to the SFMA Vic Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015. For further in formation about Dairybase all the resources are housed at www.dairybase.com.au

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Steve Little, Capacity+ Ag presentation Dairy Forum Members Section
Summary points from Steve Little's presentation Dairy Farming Systems and what the Future Holds at the SFMA Vic Dairy Forum 24 June 2015.

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Tim Harrington, Ridley AgriProducts - Dairy Forum prsentation Members Section
Growing Milk Production through Getting Feed & Nutrition Right, presentation to the SFMA Vic Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015.

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Lloyd George, presentation to the Combined SFMA Vic & GIAV Meeting 25 June 2015 Members Section
Australia's Post Deregulation Grain Marketing Landscape - presentation by Lloyd George as part of the grain panel at the combined SFMA Vic and GIAV members meeting held 25 June 2015 at Ballarat.

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Mick Harvey, Rabobank Dairy Forum presentation Members Section
Global Drivers and Dairy Market Outlook. Presentation made to the SFMA Vic Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015.

Document (2 Jul 2015)
Liam Ryan, dairy farmer case study presentation Members Section
Dairy farmer case study presented by Liam Ryan, Numeralla Dairy Co. to the SFMA Vic Dairy Forum held 24 June 2015.

Document (1 Jul 2015)
Queensland Biofuels Mandate - SFMAQ & SFMCA Submission
This submission identifies the reasons why the stockfeed industry objects to any mandated level of biofuels within motor fuel. Governments should not favour one industry over another, the mandated use of ethanol will inflate Queensland grain prices at the expense of feed for animal feeding. This will put livestock production under greater financial pressure and lead to rising food prices. Queensland has a feed grain supply shortage and conversion to fuel rather than food should not be dictated by government regulation. The ethanol industry has to be economically viable without government intervention.

Event (15 Jun 2015)
AMC is being held Sunday 29 - Tuesday 31 May 2016. Don't miss the technical program, trade displays and social events.

News Article (9 Feb 2015)
Feed Grain Partnership website and Factsheets
The FGP website looks at the oragnisations objectives as well as providing useful information about Australian feed grain use. Industry data reports are provided as well as Fact sheets look at research work and results obtained in animal feeding research.

Document (20 Jan 2015)
2014 Energy Survey Report
This survey conducted by the SFMCA provides energy use data from 43 Australian feed mills manufacturing over 3.5MMT of feed. The data looks at both energy use and cost as well as calculated CO2 emissions from the feed manufacturing process. 2014 was the third year this survey has been completed.

News Article (19 Dec 2014)
SFMA Vic New Life Member
Ian Reid is presented with Life Membership from SFMA Vic and Trevor Tovey receives an Industry Recognition Award.

News Article (24 Apr 2014)
2014 SFMCA Development Award Winners Announced
The five state winners have been announced and they will be presented with their awards as part of the Australasian Milling Conference.

Document (9 Aug 2013)
SFMCA Submission - WIAT Inquiry grain stocks information
This SFMCA submission made to the Wheat Industry Advisory Taskforce argues for the release of wheat stocks information by the bulk handling companies.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
News Article - Concentrate feeds lift dairy incomes
Gippsland dairy farmer Grant Williams says grain-based concentrates increase production and also help to maintain the health of his cows.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
Dairy Stockfeed Economic Analysis Report
SFMA Vic has released a report on the economic benefits of using dairy concentrates. This independent report identifies that use of dairy concentrates annually increases Victorian dairy farm profitability by $110M or for the average dairy farm $24,036.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
News Article - Concentrate feeds add $435m to milk income
At Birregurra, in Victoria’s southwest, concentrates have proven crucial in maintaining the health and productivity of John and Clare Cotton’s dairy herd.

Document (22 Apr 2013)
Dairy returns from stockfeed on the rise
Berrigan dairy farmer Ken Clark says feeding cows well is essential to get the most from improved herd genetics.

News Article (22 Apr 2013)
Dairy Stockfeed Economic Analysis Report - Media Release
A new report has identified that Victorian dairy farmer’s gain an added $110M annually from the use of concentrate feeds.

Market Report (26 Mar 2013)
AOF Canola & Juncea Fact Sheet Members Section
Information is provided clarifying the position relating to differences between canola meal, canola quality juncea meal and traditional juncea (mustard) meal.

News Article (20 Mar 2013)
Use by Date Guidelines
Bagged or packaged stockfeed products require a use by date or best before statement on feed labels. The SFMCA has provided greater direction in the setting of the period of time between manufacture and when feed should be consumed. Members can download the guidelines from the FeedSafe Manual section of this website.

Document (14 Sep 2012)
SFMCA Submission - Cost Recovery Arrangements in the APVMA
This letter to DAFF is in response to the first-principles review of the APVMA's cost recovery arrangements. The SFMCA does not support any shift in cost recovery that results in higher upfront registration costs for new products being registered. This is seen as a major disincentive for new products being made available for Australian livestock producers.

News Article (18 Jul 2012)
FeedSafe Visual Identity - Press Release
The SFMCA has today released a new visual identity for the FeedSafe program. Announcing the release, John Spragg, SFMCA Executive Officer said the new logo re-inforces the message that “livestock producers should only purchase stockfeed supplied from FeedSafe accredited manufacturers”.

News Article (2 May 2012)
Feed Mill Hygiene Guidelines Released
The SFMCA Feed Mill Guidelines have been released to provide a consistent industry approach to hygiene programs operating within Australian feed mills.

News Article (31 Jan 2012)
INTERVIEW: Meeting the Global Feed Industry's Challenges Through Coordination
This article provides interview responses from Alexandra de Athayde, Executive Director, International Feed Industry Federation.

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