Fight against Liverpool Plains NSW loss of grain production land

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By SFMCA       

The SFMCA has been thanked by the Caroona Coal Action Group for our support against the loss of prime agricultural land due to coal mine developments.

John Hamparsum on bahalf of the Action Group recognised SFMCA's action in writing to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister Stokes and Minister Robert expressing our Association's strong opposition to coal mining on the Liverpool Plains. These letters are quoted as having an impact, being mentioned by politicians in discussions and negotiations the Action Group has had. 

The SFMCA action has provided the politicians with the link between grain production and the livestock products (meat, milk and eggs) that rely on grain supply security. The NSW government recently bought back the BHP Billiton Caroona Coal Project license and as part of the deal confirmed this area can never be mined for coal in the future. 

The Chinese Shenhua Watermark Coal Project is still overhanging the Breeza area of the Liverpool Plains.